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We work in the areas of injuries, physical and surgical repair, rehabilitation, and return to performance. We have become the definitive destination for up-to-date modalities and protocols that address sports medicine issues. We serve both the sports medicine and athletic performance markets, including: Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Coaches, and businesses involved in the athletic industry.

We deliver our evidence based content on many levels including; webinars, seminars, white papers, and on-site training.  We welcome opportunities to partner with industry leaders to bring new and groundbreaking solutions to sports medicine.

Whitepaper of the Month

AREF pioneering the way with Regenerative Medicine Center

The Andrews Regenerative Medicine Center was designed and built to pioneer the translation of regenerative medicine treatments from early clinical and animal studies to evidence based patient care.  The facility serves two functions:

1. It provides clinical space to offer current evidence-based and regulatory-compliant treatments.

2. It houses a tissue processing and storage facility to participate in developmental stem cell studies.

We are convinced that the next advancements in orthopaedic sports medicine will be directly linked to emerging options involving our bodies’ own signaling molecules and cells with stem capabilities.  For that reason, we have invested our energy and excitement into establishing a cutting edge facility to study these biologic options.