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One Month Unlimited Pass $375

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Monday—Friday 9am-5pm

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Scott Winnier: 850-916-8791

Cryotherapy is the practice of using cold temperatures to promote healing and wellness and dates back to ancient civilizations. Whole body cryotherapy is the modern application of that treatment which stimulates the same rejuvenating and recovery benefits at a whole new level of cold in just three minutes.
Whole body cryotherapy is similar to an ice bath in that it is a cold therapy. There are key differences. A whole body cryotherapy session is a maximum of three-minutes and an ice-bath is is a maximum of twenty-minutes. Cryotherapy is a dry, painless cold and an ice-bath, at a minumum, is uncomfortable. Whole body cryotherapy cold only penetrates the top layers of skin; an ice bath penetrates into the muscles and joints which introduces the potential for tissue damage and the potential to lower the body’s core temperature. Whole body cryotherapy cold dissipates quickly; ice bath cold dissipates gradually.
People who use whole body cryotherapy report that it reduces pain caused by conditions such as arthritis. They also indicate it helps them recover more quickly after a work-out and reduces pain associated with exertion. Others indicate they sleep better, experience weight loss and notice their skin is more toned.
During a cryotherapy session a participant wears dry thermal socks, thermal gloves, cryo boots and undergarments.
During the cryotherapy session participants feel an extreme dry cold on the surface of their skin. Some participants may even shiver.
After the session, participants report a sense of invigoration and euphoria.
Cryotherapy can be as frequent as daily and many find the daily routine provides the most consistent results.

Andrews Research & Education Foundation is now offering cryotherapy at our facility. Cryotherapy can offer many “better body” benefits. Impact Cryotherapy’s patent-pending nitrogen vapor system delivers a dry cold and lasting results in repeatable, reliable three-minute sessions. If you experience chronic pain, need a quick boost of energy before a workout, or just an easy way to recharge and de-stress, make whole body cryotherapy part of your health and wellness program.